RSVP Intergenerational Programs


Demonstration Videos

America Reads

America Reads is a national program to assure that all students are able to read at grade level by third grade. Volunteers spend time each week with Kindergarten through Third Grade students in one-on-one and small group settings. Volunteers are grouped in teams for orientation, training, recognition and support.



(Beginning Alcohol and Addictions Basic Education Studies)

Trained volunteers use animal puppets to educate students about substance abuse, coping skills and peer pressure. Senior volunteers serve as role models, developing caring relationships with students over the course of the five weeks they are in the classroom.

Intergenerational Heroes

Volunteers partner with students in grades three through six for after-school programs. The volunteers model and teach fun, healthy activities and hobbies in small groups in the school. Hobbies taught include: making nutritious snacks, collecting (stamps, coins, sports cards), crafting, the art of clowning and needlework. RSVP volunteers fill the community need to provide structured after-school activities while students learn they are valued by adults in their communities.

Folk Fairs

Contributions of Different Cultures are half day and whole day events where students and seniors are brought together to share and learn from each other. Through hands-on activities, music, and food preparation students are taught an oral history lesson. Folk Fairs help to demonstrate and preserve our community and appreciation of the past. Hundreds of adults and thousands of students participate in our Folk Fairs every year.